History of Solutions Recovery, Inc. - Solutions Recovery, Inc

 Solutions Recovery Incorporated was formed in 2007 when the 12th Dimension Recovery Club was merged with the Kornerstone Recovery Club. Solutions assumed Cornerstone’s 501(c)3 nonprofit status then and immediately moved to purchase the former church, school, and parsonage on Evans and Parkway.

Solutions Recovery started serving the local recovery community as a 12-step fellowship club and meeting venue. In 2013, Solutions opened up to the general population with an art fair featuring the works of people in recovery, and this event marked the beginning of Solutions’ shift from a recovery club to a recovery community organization.

In 2015, Solutions opened its first sober living home to address the need for sober living in the Oshkosh area. Since its opening, the sober living program has grown to be a place dedicated to providing women in the program resources to grow in their recovery. In 2017, the program shifted dramatically to provide a curriculum and a more structured approach to sober living. The first program coordinator was hired to facilitate the program’s continued growth. Since then, Solutions has grown to offer more than 30 sober living beds for men and women in the Oshkosh community.

Solutions continued the transition from a grassroots, volunteer-led organization to a recovery community organization by inviting professionals from the broader community to join its board of directors in 2015.

Since 2018, Solutions Recovery has exhibited a tremendous amount of growth in many ways. Programs were added to support and grow the reach of our mission and to meet the needs presented by not only our recovery community, but the broader community as well. Solutions is proud to serve the Fox Valley area with many programs that help those impacted by alcohol and drug addiction.