Sober Living Program - Solutions Recovery, Inc

Solutions provides a six-month transitional living environment for men and women seeking support in early recovery. The sober living program offers a safe, positive, and healing environment while providing education, support, and accountability through our programming structure. Our program offers services that are intended to target the many different areas in which addiction affects financial stability, mental health, physical well-being, and mindfulness. We observe that individuals who participate in sober living have greater outcomes in long-term recovery. 

With the addiction crisis striking our community and national overdose rates continuing to climb, the need for a strong connection to recovery communities is imperative. Solutions is dedicated to providing services that connect individuals to the thriving recovery community that exists in our community. The sober living environment enables a recovering individual to build healthy relationships where residents work together to hold themselves and their peers accountable. Residents are required to find employment during their first month in an effort to help them become self-supporting. Residents must also do service work, learning fulfilling ways to better themselves by helping those around them.

If you would like more information about Solutions’ Sober Living Program, please get in touch with the program staff at 920-233-0888. 



Please email completed paper applications to our program staff upon completion to

We now offer the next steps in housing for individuals who have completed our primary sober living program. Solutions Sober Housing bridges the gap for individuals exhibiting dedication to their recovery and allows them to transition to a home that keeps the connection to recovery resources open.