Sober Living Alumni - Solutions Recovery, Inc

Treatment is only the beginning of recovery. We help our residents build a support system to maintain and enhance the personal growth and sobriety achieved during their recovery journey. To meet the needs of our graduating residents, Solutions Recovery has developed a strong resource to continue helping along the journey. Former residents participate in giving back to our club and sober living programs by being of service. As part of our commitment to provide ongoing support to our residents, we provide a flyer of upcoming events, speaking engagements and helping others is available upon request. 

Alumni Testimonies

“I’ve been able to start repairing my life and the relationships I neglected for so long. For the first time in a long time, I have dreams again, something I was quick to give away in the throws of my addiction. Solutions is helping and supporting me in building a solid foundation upon which I will build the rest of my life, and to say I’m grateful would be a tremendous understatement.” – Becky.

“Solutions and this program have completely changed how I look at life. The Karli that people knew for years has changed. Life became less and less about me and more about others and what I can contribute. This club is my home away from home and plays a big part in who I am today. So many others have found recovery, friendship, purpose, and happiness when they walked through those doors. I am eternally grateful for Solutions Recovery Club and the role it plays in my life and in many other’s lives.” – Karli.

“The day I got out once again, I knew where I need to go. Solutions of course. That’s when I really wanted the pain to end, so, I did what was suggested. I went there for meetings, to fellowship. I eventually got into service work, chairing meetings, and getting involved with more around at Solutions. I’ve meet people I now consider my best friends. People I cherish and can count on in life. People who genuinely care about me and who I can be myself around. Solutions continue to be there for people who continue to struggle. It’s a place where I found hope and where I can now help others find the same hope.” – Eric