Press Release 03/14 - Solutions Recovery, Inc

For Immediate Release: March 14, 2021
Contact: Trevor Fenrich
Solutions Recovery, Inc.
(920) 385-9608

Oshkosh, WI — Solutions Recovery, Inc. is excited to announce the opening of its very first men’s sober living facility! Late in 2021, Solutions was approached by Lighthouse Sober Living and provided an opportunity to merge services. Through the assistance of major donors, foundations, and other community partners, Solutions and Lighthouse Sober Living became one. Solutions was able to acquire a new sober living home to provide a space for six men to start their recovery journey. 

“We want men in our sober living homes to feel like it is a place they can heal and be themselves. They will spend the next 6-9 months of their lives living in this home and working around the clock on their recovery – and getting their lives back,” says Jeff Ringenberg, Men’s Sober Living Coordinator. 

John, who has been a regular at Solutions Recovery Center for years, says, “The first time I walked through the doors of Solutions, I came for a meeting while in treatment. I was shy, full of fear and miserable on the inside. Little did I know at that time Solutions would grow to be a big part of my recovery. I don’t know what my life would be like without this place. I am very grateful that Solutions exists and I’m grateful for what it has done for me throughout my recovery so far.”

To help support the men’s sober living home, Solutions is conducting the Light the Way Home campaign in March and April this year. 

Generous donors have already stepped up to help. You can donate online or stop in for a visit to donate in person.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction please reach out for help. Solutions Recovery has a community to support you in your recovery journey. 

Solutions Recovery is here to help! It is a nonjudgement place that serves the recovery community, addicts, and alcoholics in relapse prevention. 

Applications for the sober living home can be found here.